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Default Re: My answer to the plug-it pigtail dilemma

Originally Posted by squarecut View Post
Amazing, in your 11/7/13 post on FOG you outlined exactly what I have done!
This is the first time I saw that post, so today I decided to post my solution on FOG. The post lasted about 4 hours and was taken down by the Global Moderator. I received this message from him -

"I really hate to inform you that I had to remove your first post on the FOG which was about modifying plug it cords due to the fact that it depicted modification of a Festool product. As a manufacturer owned forum we have to be very careful about modifications being depicted due to potential liability issues."

Surprisingly, your suggestion to do what I did was left up, but once it was depicted in detail in my post they quickly removed it. I wonder if the reason given regarding potential liability is the sole reason, or are they worried about potential loss of sales of the plug-it pigtail.
Yeah, I was very amazed too when you posted this, as it is something that I had in mind for a long time and only recently discussed it on that FOG thread. Glad to see what you've done, and also really like your boom arm setup.

Some like to use a D36 hose for the increased suction and then add a 'Dave Ronyak' adapter to use their sanders and other tools that require the smaller tool-end fitting on the D27 hose. With your plugit solution, one can just make a longer plugit pigtail for using with that adapter. So, I would think that your idea may get copied.

Sorry that the FOG's restrictions resulted in your thread being removed. I understand their position, but a little surprised that their restrictions would extend to the plugit cords -- not like you are opening up a tool… Anyway, I am glad that you found our forum and posted your plugit solution here for all to enjoy -- I know I enjoyed it!
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