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Default Re: My answer to the plug-it pigtail dilemma

Originally Posted by NedYoung View Post
Great first post.

This is a more reasonable approach than retro-fitting Plug-Its I think--and I did try that path.

Tell us more about that very tidy boom-let for the vac hose, please.
I like that name "boom-let", much better than my name for it "hose & power cord holder".
I needed to get the hose & power cord out of my way, it was always dragging up from the vacuum on the floor & snagging on edges. This started out as a quick fix for my temporary setup until I build my rolling cart to house the MFT and specific tools & accessories. Originally it was in a fixed position 90 degrees to the MFT but then I thought adding a swivel feature would increase ease of use. I use the TS-55 with my Midi Vac which is dedicated to the TS-55 and will be kept onboard the rolling cart when completed. The addition of the swivel feature convinced me to leave well enough alone, so I will not tinker with it anymore.
Removal of the hose & power cord from the boom-let is easily done by sliding out the five closure slides. The photos show the basic construction of the boom-let.
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