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Default My answer to the plug-it pigtail dilemma

I own several non-Festool tools which I need to connect to the dust extractor and have come up with a relatively simple solution. Instead of trying to obtain a few of the plug-it pigtails (almost impossible & if successful, at great expense) or obtaining the component female plug-it part from e-kat & trying to modify your non-Festool tool to accept it, I have come up with this solution & have modified three of my tools. {Photo#1}

Using readily available midget twist-loc cord connectors & plugs from Hubbell, parts # HBL 7464V & HBL 7465V,
{Photo#2}I have made interchangeable cord connections. The process is as follows -

1 - Take a Festool plug-it power cord & cut it about 15 inches from the plug-it end & install a 7465 (male plug). {Photo#3} On the remaining length of power cord install a 7464 (female cord connector). {Photo#4} Connect them together via the midget twist locs and you have a power cord that plugs into all your Festool units {Photos#5,6} and has the capability of accepting other tools fitted with a 7465 (male plug)
2 - On each of your non-Festool tools, do the same, cutting the power cord approximately 10 inches or so as it leaves the tool & install a 7465 (male plug)which will allow it to be connected to the dust extraction system
3 - If you desire, you can do as I did and install a 7464 (female cord connector) on each of the remaining non-Festool power tool cords to allow for individual use separate from the Festool system.

This method can also be used on Festool units that were built without the plug-it feature.
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