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neilc 12-09-2016 05:07 AM

Walnut China Cabinet
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This is a china cabinet that I made to compliment a dining table for my son and his wife. In that post, I had said we were considering a sideboard, but ended up with this given the wall space available.

Design was mid-century modern that I came up with. Interior shelves are adjustable with LR-32 drilled holes. Hinges are blum self-closing. Sketchup model is available if anyone is interested. Just PM me.

The walnut came from successive flitch cuts from a log with pieces that were about 22-24" wide x 8' long. The walnut was incredibly flat even after thickness sanding and letting it sit for a few weeks. Horizon Hardwoods of Pennsylvania shipped the wood about a year ago to make the table and this cabinet was started in October and will be installed in the next few days.

Back panel is walnut veneered ply. Drawer interiors are hard maple. I welded the base from 1" square tubing and the base and hardware were sprayed with flat-black.

Overall dimensions are 70" high, 40" wide and 15" deep. The cabinet is incredibly sturdy. However, I will attach it to the wall at the top for safety's sake since they have a young baby.

Wood was thickness sanded at a local lumberyard. Festools included TS-55 for the majority of the cuts including all the miters. Cabinet has dominos at the corners. 1010 Router handled the 32mm holes for shelves and door hinges. Festool sanders did the finish work. Door moulding was cut on a CMS table.
1010 Router and an Akeda jig cut the dovetails.

Finish is General Finishes satin wipe-on poly followed by paste wax and buffed with a Rotex 150.

Below are final photos. If you want to see in-progress pics, check out the thread on FOG

Questions, let me know!

Wonderwino 12-09-2016 01:18 PM

Re: Walnut China Cabinet
Big eek Another super project, Neil!!! Nice work!!! :thumbsup2: :thumbsup2: :thumbsup2:

Leakyroof 12-09-2016 06:15 PM

Re: Walnut China Cabinet
Agree, beautiful work. Walnut is fun to work with. You always have that distinctive smell in the shop once you start sawing it...:D

TahoeTwoBears 12-10-2016 01:23 PM

Re: Walnut China Cabinet
More excellent work Neil. Congrats. I love the crisp clean lines.

Poto 12-10-2016 03:43 PM

Re: Walnut China Cabinet
Stunning design and execution, Neil. I love the edge treatment around the front of the cabinet. Did you consider putting lighting inside to illuminate the items on the shelves?

Are your dovetails machine cut? I'm betting you have the Leigh jig... (Oops - I just read your post more closely and see that you used the Akeda jig. How do you like it? It looks like a really nice piece of kit.)

Nice work! I can hardly wait till Gillian has her own place so I can build her some furniture!

Sta2lt 12-11-2016 05:25 AM

Re: Walnut China Cabinet
That is wonderful, I really like the clean simple lines. :thumbsup2:

neilc 12-11-2016 01:45 PM

Re: Walnut China Cabinet
Thanks for the nice feedback!

Peter - I originally was considering a LED light strip routed into the top and using glass shelves. But my son and his wife wanted wooden shelves.

Tinker - you mentioned the smell of walnut. My son took the off-cuts and burns them in his fire pit in their backyard. It's really dry and has a nice smell even when burning.

Ausrob 12-12-2016 01:51 PM

Re: Walnut China Cabinet
Beautiful, Neil. Love the look of walnut in large pieces. Graceful lines and nice grain.



Paul 12-12-2016 05:09 PM

Re: Walnut China Cabinet
Beautiful figuring in that walnut - great execution.

Any hardware on those drawers? I didn't notice any runners or hardware in the pics.

neilc 12-14-2016 03:54 AM

Re: Walnut China Cabinet
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Paul -


No hardware for the drawers. I used my standard runners and paste wax. They work great! I cut the runners long and then trim / sand them so the front of the drawer closes flush.

Photo attached.


Originally Posted by Paul (Post 93344)
Beautiful figuring in that walnut - great execution.

Any hardware on those drawers? I didn't notice any runners or hardware in the pics.

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