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Ausrob 08-27-2012 11:46 AM

Jewellery box build for a 60th Birthday
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Hi all,

This is a box being made for a friend of mine's wife's 60th Birthday. Its actually just the wrapping for the real present, which is a woolen scarf and two bracelets. One Agate, the other Jade. So once again, I'm treated like chopped liver!! The box is 370mm x 270mm x 120mm without the lid.
The box will be primarily Birds Eye Maple, with Jarrah trays and with a brass plaque on the lid to commemorate the gala event.

Pic 1 shows the resawn and planed timber being trimmed using a TS75 and 800mm rail to give a straight edge, prior to squaring and sizing the sides with a Table saw.
Pic 2 Shows the table saw in action.
Pic 3 Shows the first side with the base groove cut and both ends mitred.
Pic 4 Shows the second board being mitred and sized to the first.
Pic 5 Shows the inside of the panels being friction sealed with Scandinavian oil.
Pic 6 Shows the resultant oiled panel. Can't beat the figure resolution!
Pic 7 Shows the brilliance obtained from friction sealing/polishing by way of reflection
Pic 8 Shows the carcass assembled and clamped for drying
Pic 9 Shows one of the mitred corners close up
Pic 10Shows the carcass assembled and with the two runners for the top trays in place.

More tomorrow!



Ausrob 08-28-2012 10:45 AM

Re: Jewellery box build for a 60th Birthday
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Having made the carcass, I now started the trays. These are to be Jarrah and initially I thought I might inlay a 2mm maple bead, but I decided against it and so there are just two 2mm grooves around each tray. The Jarrah was finished in Interior Finishing Oil from Organoil. After finishing the trays, I sanded back the carcass and oiled and sanded it. It's hard to show how the Maple came up, but it is spectacular and the Jarrah gives a great contrast.

Pic 1 Shows the tray sides being sanded before oiling. You can see the two 2mm grooves in the Jarrah.

Pic 2 Shows a tray laid out for assembly

Pic 3 Shows a tray glued up and drying. You can see the nice Kapex mitres (bevels)

Pic 4 Shows the carcass after oiling.

Pic 5 Shows the oiled box carcass with the trays in place.

Pic 6 Shows the lid pieces aligned and marked for domino placement. The dominoes act only as a guide and "straightener" for the joint.

Pic 7 Shows the glued up lid drying.

Tomorrow, I will finish the lid and place the hinges and magnets, thus the box will be pretty much finished except for the plaque. (Though I'll probably get that done as well.
Should look good. I hope so.



Wonderwino 08-28-2012 01:57 PM

Re: Jewellery box build for a 60th Birthday
Wow, Rob! That looks like the fit is absolutely perfect! :goodjob: :thumbsup2: :thumbsup2: :thumbsup2:

Ausrob 08-29-2012 10:12 AM

Re: Jewellery box build for a 60th Birthday
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Thanks WW,
The trays are a perfect fit. They glide along the runners and slot in next to each other perfectly.

Today I pretty much finished the box, all I have to do now is wax the outside.
I have used small 6x6mm magnets to hold the lid closed and they actually work well, despite my initial fears that they would be too small.
I made a tray for the bottom level of the box and have placed two felt watch/bracelet cushions (like in the Watch Collector's box) into it. I also made a ring compartment. I used some Polystyrene that I cut to size with a hack saw and then coated with self adhesive felt. I cut slices into the felt and Polystyrene with a blade and you can see a couple of rings "implanted" in the pics. I just have to add the plaque to the top before waxing and Voila!! C'est finis.
It's been fun. It's a big box and the size has allowed the grain and colour of the timbers to shine through. Initially I was going to use Wenge for the trays, but Jarrah has so much more class in this situation.

Hope you've enjoyed the build as much as I have. Any questions or comments, I am ready!!



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