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RWeber 05-22-2012 03:13 AM

Recent turnings
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Attachment 7053
Simple bowl, Ailanthus. aka "Tree of Heaven", which, if you have one, you probably do not feel heavenly about it. But it turns well. Distorts quite a bit. Quite hard when dry. I like the creamy color contrasted with the black towards the pith. I don't like that some pieces get an almost greenish tinge to them.

Attachment 7054
Simple pepper mill. It's a pretty pedestrian design, but I like it.

Attachment 7055
This one has been done for a few months. I actually kind of like how the checking plays with the spalting in the maple. Usually, checked bowls go to the fire pit. It does have things I love though. Contrast, figure, a little bark. Defects can make things interesting, or just round firewood.

Attachment 7056
Kind of non-typical in shape for me, but the lines work, and the lip adds tremendously to what would otherwise probably be a non-starter. This is a tall salad bowl, walnut, and one I like quite well

In other news, got my grubby paws on some Hackberry and Box Elder recently, and have just been filling the cans with curls. I think I set out 6 brute cans yesterday. And tomorrow I'm going for the other half of the Box Elder. Can't let something like that just sit for long.

Feather in the cap moment, I got approached by a small local gallery and asked if I'd like to be in. I thought about it, but not long. Someone must think I'm getting better.

I'm guessing there are at least 75 various forms sitting over there just drying now. I am completely crapped out for storage space. And more coming.

Poto 05-22-2012 04:50 AM

Re: Recent turnings
Nice stuff, Randy! I particularly like that vase - great shape, finish, grain and features. And that tall walnut salad bowl looks wonderfully useful.

What do you see as challenges that you'd like to overcome? What sorts of things are you doing to try to stretch yourself?

And congrats on the gallery. That's pretty cool! :thumbsup2:

RWeber 05-22-2012 06:15 AM

Re: Recent turnings
Challenges. You know, the day you get a lathe, you're wondering what the tools even do. And how. As time progresses, I guess I've tried a number of things, finding what I like, what I don't. At some point, the very nature of things has me believe that what a turner eventually seeks is self expression. It's a destination, but not necessarily the end of the trip.
There will always be technical details that can stand finesse. I think I am still a novice when it comes to the aspect of form, but I'm learning. Other than a little reading, it's mostly just standing there and doing it and thinking about how I like it, or not.
I notice I spend a lot of time now staring at things in people's homes like vases, pottery, ceramics. Just curves.
The couple of other people I know who turn, or have, fortunately are not guys who like to shovel their thought processes onto others. They're pretty laissez faire about it. They feel, like I do, that while there is certainly a place for many of the current fads in the turning world (how tight can you make a lid, how small a base, how thin a wall), by and large, you're only impressing yourself. There's no practicality in it. The place is the "art form", of course, but most of what I attempt to do, I do in the hopes that it has some utility.

TahoeTwoBears 05-22-2012 02:28 PM

Re: Recent turnings

How'd you finish the hollow vessel? Is it lacquer?


SMeekWoodworks 05-22-2012 06:56 PM

Re: Recent turnings
These look great Randy! Awesome to see your progress in your turning.

RWeber 05-22-2012 08:32 PM

Re: Recent turnings
Back at ya. Seeing you get somewhere with planes makes me equally happy for ya. I suspect you recall I tried it once, to see what I thought. And now I think, that's probably the only couple I have any reason to make. I'd rather buy one. And spend my time elsewhere.
The finish on the vase is oil/varnish, the rest are walnut oil.
Just got back into town right now, went and cleaned up the rest of that Hackberry and Box Elder. Going to have some really nice large BE blanks to work with now in the next couple of weeks.

RWeber 06-19-2012 03:21 AM

Re: Recent turnings
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Hey, loading pictures works again!

New one. Hadn't really tried the whole hollowing a thing out through a really small hole, so that was the last project. Ended up making some of my own tools to reach in there. Made my own caliper of sorts too, and it worked good!
This is Hackberry. Intentionally left a swath of the chainsaw mark on the side. Added the little carved swoop away from the center and elongated the hole in that direction.
It's right at 9" dia and about 5" in height. I love the contrast in color you can get with Hackberry between the light wood and darker streaks as you near the center of the tree. There's more of this one sitting on the ground out there. I'm hoping if I wait until the end of summer it will all be spalted.
Just blackberry photos. No real camera this time.

RWeber 06-19-2012 03:24 AM

Re: Recent turnings
BTW, usually bowl blanks take a long time to dry. 6 months, 9, a year, all depends. I turned this one down to about a 1/4" all the way around right out of the gate. It's only been a month, and it's already down to about 9%MC and almost no distortion. Groovy.

Wonderwino 06-19-2012 03:57 AM

Re: Recent turnings
That reminds me; I still have to get those burls ready to send you. They are "kiln" drying in my yard. It was 106F today. Big eek Big eek Big eek :devildance:

And, nice turning! :thumbsup2: :thumbsup2: :thumbsup2: :thumbsup2: :thumbsup2:

FredWest 06-19-2012 05:42 PM

Re: Recent turnings

Originally Posted by RWeber (Post 80657)
BTW, usually bowl blanks take a long time to dry. 6 months, 9, a year, all depends. I turned this one down to about a 1/4" all the way around right out of the gate. It's only been a month, and it's already down to about 9%MC and almost no distortion. Groovy.


I must agree with Scott and the rest in saying that your turnings have really started to excel. The vase that Peter likes and the Hackberry hollow are really cool.:elephant: :elephant: :badger1: :badger1: However, even though it is unsigned, I still think that I have your best bowl to date. :thumbsup2::thumbsup2::thumbsup2::thumbsup2: Did I mention that it was unsigned? :Laughing2: :Laughing2: :Laughing2:


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