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trident98 07-02-2011 01:12 AM

Jewelry box and Marquestry
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I'm starting a new thread in response to Laurie mentioning her purchase of some veneers and a suggestion of what to use them on. These are some of my first boxes using the "double bevel" technique that I find works well and you don't need alot of expensive tools. I purchased the book titled, The Art of Marquestry by Craig Vandall Stevens at Amazon to start. I actually first got it from the local library and then decided to purchase my own copy as it really is a good learning tool in itself. Lots of pics and step by step projects to get you started. I now add marquetry and or inlay to most of my pieces.

PaulMarcel 07-02-2011 01:17 AM

Re: Jewelry box and Marquestry
Really nice work! Very tight marquetry. I'll have to look for that bok; seems like something well worth learning.

Thanks for the post!

MichaelKellough 07-02-2011 02:44 PM

Re: Jewelry box and Marquestry
Very nice! I like the soft corners too.

FredWest 07-02-2011 09:53 PM

Re: Jewelry box and Marquestry

Originally Posted by MichaelKellough (Post 69770)
Very nice! I like the soft corners too.


Very nice boxes and I too will have to see if I can find that book. Do you have a preference at this point between inlay or marquetry?


Poto 07-02-2011 10:07 PM

Re: Jewelry box and Marquestry
Nice, Tim! Do you have a preference for subject matter?

Must be fun choosing the appropriate veneer.

hasslefactor 07-07-2011 06:09 AM

Re: Jewelry box and Marquestry
Hey, Tim - thanks for thinking of me! Those boxes look great.

Good recommendation on the book, too. I'll have to get that one. :thumbsup2:

RONWEN 07-07-2011 04:04 PM

Re: Jewelry box and Marquestry
Very nice Tim. I too am ordering that book, thanks.

trident98 07-07-2011 06:27 PM

Re: Jewelry box and Marquestry
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Fred, I sometimes combine marquetry and inlay as in this guitar. The flames in the body are a double bevel technique as shown in Steven's book. The headstock is mother of pearl and abalone that is an inlay. I have Larry Robisons's book The Art of Inlay which is another very instructive source especially for guitars but it works for other projects as well. The mother of pearl is cut by hand with a jeweler's saw and 3/0 blades. It can take 1/2 hour just to cut one small piece but the effect is so worth it. I cut out all the pieces, glue them together and then inlay into the stock as one piece.

plhalle 07-07-2011 09:35 PM

Re: Jewelry box and Marquestry
Did you make a special table for cutting your veneer?

The reason I ask is that when I took a class on marquetry we had a special table to use and then I built one afterwards. It is always interesting to know how others do the same task in possibly different ways.


trident98 07-09-2011 01:35 AM

Re: Jewelry box and Marquestry
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I have an RBI-Hawk scroll saw that I use on some of my thicker veneers (3/32") but started with the little "bird's mouth" jig that was in Steven's book. I can change the bevel on the jig to set it for whatever thickness of veneers I use as the double bevel method requires the angle of the blade to be set according to the combined thickness of both veneers as you are cutting them at the same time. I cut the mother of pearl and shell using the small jig and jeweler's saw. The pieces are too small and precise to use the scroll saw.


I play the piano, have for many years. I have 2 sons, a daughter and son in law that all play the guitar really well. They teach me basics and any song I'm interested in. Not that I can play it when they leave but.......I am teaching myself to play the guitar now via books, internet and youtube and some group lessons which are alot of fun. I know how to read music and tab. Kind of how I learned about marquetry and inlay.

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