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mckenziedrums 07-28-2009 03:18 PM

She might be ugly but...
She's my first and you'll always remember your first right? ;)

First dovetail I've ever attempted... My research basically was watching the youtube video of the jointmaker pro demonstration and then googling to see what angle an 8:1 dovetail worked out to be.

Scrap wood was a little beat up but I cross cut it on the JMP to get a smoother flat end at least. Of course hard curly maple doesn't cut exactly like the wood shown in the youtube video lol Lots of small cuts raising the blade and I didn't make the 0 clearance throat plate or put spacers under the fence since it was just an experiment. Would have been pretty spot on if I hadn't cut on the wrong side of my line once. All the waste was chiseled out (I've since ordered a little saw... lol )

Kind of embarassing to share on a forum with such great woodworkers but hey, gotta start somewhere. :) Didn't bother to clean it up all that much since I just wanted to make sure it went together.

A valuable lesson was learned about trying to cut with the blade up too high as I did catch my thumb a little on one pass. You'll notice the drop of blood on the right side near the bottom. Idiot boneheaded move on my part.

NedYoung 07-28-2009 03:23 PM

Re: She might be ugly but...
Looks great. Keep in mind that's from a guy who's ecstatic that he got some Spax screws for MDF. ;)

You could have paid a much higher price for that lesson than a drop of blood. Glad you didn't.


MichaelKellough 07-28-2009 03:28 PM

Re: She might be ugly but...
Not bad at all for the first dovetail.
Wait, you used the JMP?!

Next time, see if you can get the saw to exit on the inside
of the piece to avoid visible tearout. That will mean
tilting the blade the other way rather than turning the work
around. That, or make that zero clearance backup fence.

mckenziedrums 07-28-2009 03:33 PM

Re: She might be ugly but...
Yea... got sloppy and had my thumb hanging out the back where the rather sharp .021" kerf JMP blade caught me. Going to have to fab up some clamping pieces that do a better job with vertical cuts than the stock pieces for sure. Other than that it did a fantastic job considering I had no guidance and was figuring it out on my own. Didn't have to worry about keeping a saw straight like I would have with a normal dovetail saw ;) (I can see why some folks refer to this as cheating... lol )

mckenziedrums 07-28-2009 03:36 PM

Re: She might be ugly but...
Definitely making the 0 clearance plate for a future small box I'm going to do. Most of the beating you see around the wood would have more to do with my rushed chiseling job than anything else. Definitely not much tear out at all off the JMP. The cross cutting is insanely smooth and ripping would have been much smoother if I had taken smaller cuts. This maple I have is pretty tough.

Poto 07-28-2009 03:49 PM

Re: She might be ugly but...
That's really cool, Tim. I think we're all looking forward to the things you create with your JMP. Some pictures of the process would be fun, too. Sorry about your thumb, but we're all glad it wasn't a table saw!

mckenziedrums 07-28-2009 04:10 PM

Re: She might be ugly but...
Table saws scare the bejebus out of me... I'm very VERY careful around that spinning blade. Push sticks and featherboards are my friends. :)

As far as the process of doing dovetails with the JMP I highly recommend the youtube video... That's better than any photos I could possibly bring to the table. Though I may take some photos along the way when I try a little box with it. Still wrestling with the segments as I thought all my calculations were spot on but still had a few gaps when I laid it out. Going to have to cut them down a bit and try again. It is a little bit of a learning curve adjusting to a rather unique tool.

RONWEN 07-28-2009 11:28 PM

Re: She might be ugly but...

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