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Walke Moore Tools There are several quality tool makers today and we hope to be among them, though our focused efforts will be on offering tools that are either not readily available today or are being made at an inferior level. Our goal is to design tools that function flawlessly, look beautiful, and last for generations. Located in upstate NY, our shop primarily consists of a full-time professional woodworker and a mechanical-engineer-turned-hand-tool-woodworker-turned-tool-maker. We design and try to manufacture everything we sell, but in some cases a certain component of our tools may not be feasible to produce ourselves. When we do outsource a portion of our tools, it is exclusively to local businesses ensuring that everything we sell is 100% American made.

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Old 06-02-2013, 03:18 PM
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Default Welcome Walke Moore

Ladies & Gentleman,

While I was attending the Handworks show in Iowa, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Aaron Moore of Walke Moore Tools. They are a young tool company but have already come up with one innovative product.

I have to apologize here as I am cutting and pasting the exact description that Aaron and his partner have written on their website for their cramps(clamps). One of the things that I liked right off the bat was when Aaron told me that their design was based upon some clamps that they found in "The Essential Woodworker" by Robert Wearing which is one of my favorite ww books. In addition, they have come up with two variations and I have purchased and received four pair of the second variant called "Drawer-slip Cramps - Counterbored as opposed to the "Traditional" design. The clamps can be purchased in either quartersawn cherry, (POTO) or maple.

Here is the description from their site:

"Based on the design from “The Essential Woodworker” by Robert Wearing, these small wooden clamps are extremely useful and possess many advantages not found in any other clamp. Tightening the wing nut to varying degrees provides a wide range of clamping forces, unlike spring clamps. The square sides allow the clamp to be used in any orientation similar to the wooden screw clamps many woodworkers are accustomed to. However, traditional wooden screw clamps use handles extending through each side of the clamp. This is a major disadvantage if you want to reference the side of the clamp on a saw fence or use the clamp vertically rather than on its side. For best results, keep the jaws as parallel as possible. Finally, the term “cramp” is not a typo. That was the term used by Wearing for a clamp, much like referring to “sandpaper” as “glasspaper”."

Please welcome Aaron and Walke Moore Tools to our "sleepy" community. A little later, I will delve a little deeper into the counterbored cramps that I purchased. I will also let Aaron speak to us about any new tools they may have in the pipeline.

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Default Re: Welcome Walke Moore

First I'd like to thank Fred for his support and kind words. For anyone who has not met Fred before personally, I can tell you he's a great guy and an enthusiastic supporter of woodworkers, hand tools, and tool makers. I am grateful to have met him at the Handworks event.

As for Walke Moore Tools (which I often abbreviate WMT), we are new to the tool making scene, only 6 months or so in, and a lot of our efforts so far have gone towards getting the business legally established, creating a website, and trying to get at least one tool available for sale (our clamps). We do have several new tools being prototyped at the moment and I will be sharing updates and pictures as the process evolves.

Another note to anyone familiar with Instagram, I have an account under the name walkemooretools that shares pictures of hand tools and furniture. The tools are vintage, restored, new, or tools we're making, anything worth sharing. The furniture-based pictures are typically just whatever non-toolmaking project I have going on around the shop at any given moment. If you have an Instagram account, it's worth checking out.

That's about it for now. Thanks again to Fred for getting WMT started on talkfestool and I look forward to sharing our toolmaking progress, answering questions, and hearing your feedback and suggestions.

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Default Re: Welcome Walke Moore

Always excited to hear of new craftsmen and their offerings. Thanks for the info.
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