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Default Freud FT750T Laminate Trimmer / Router

Amazon just had this unit on sale for $56 and I was fortunate enough to get one at this price. Standard price seem to be around $80-90. So this is what I got.

It comes with the FT750T router, FT1020 standard, straight base, FT1030 angle or tilt base, FT1040 offset base, FT1050 bearing edge guide, 4 very cheap wrenches, an allen wrench, and a carrying case that holds everything. Also a one page manual that you tells just the bare minimum to make things run. There is warranty card but it does not state how long the warranty period is. Some websites says it has a one year warranty and others say 90 days.

The router is single speed (27,000 rpm) rated at 750 watts or 1 hp. It does not have soft start circuitry in it. It weighs 4 lbs with the standard base on it. It only accepts bits with 1/4 inch shafts. The motor housing is about 3 inches in diameter and fits my hand quite comfortably. The motor housing is about 9 inches long and 10 1/2 inches long with the standard base on it. The motor housing is made out of plastic and feels very sturdy and well made. I would not be afraid of it breaking if it accidently fell off of a workbench. This unit has no spindle lock, so changing bits requires 2 wrenches (supplied).

The standard base is about 2 3/4 inches wide and 4 inches long. The hole for the router bit to fit through is a little over 1 inch. The depth adjustment on the standard base is quite elementary but effective. It is a thumbscrew with a locking screw to prevent accidental movement. The same hold true with the angle/tilt base and the edge guide. But what can you expect for this price.

The angle / tilt base is about 2 3/4 inches wide and 2 3/8 inches long.The opening for the router bit to fit through is a about 1 inch and it is open on one side.

The offset base allows you to get into tight corners.It has belt drive that attaches onto the motor and drives another 1/4 inch collet. This collet is centered 3/4 inch from 2 edges. Overall this base is about 4 1/2 by 6 inches.

The edge guide is 2 1/2 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. It comes with 2 screws that allow you to attach it to the standard base or the tilt base. The guide has a steel straight blade about 2 inches wide. When mounted, this blade sits about 1/2 inch below the base and extends another 1/2 inch. The blade can be replaced with a bearing that is supplied with the unit.

There is no dust collection port. The carrying case is definitely not a systainer but it is a functional case.

So now, to the workshop...

I don't have any laminate to trim and this thing is rated at 1 hp. I'm starting right out thinking big and throwing on a 3/4 dado bit with the depth set at 1/4 inch.

It's a bit tough to adjust the base to the correct depth. As you barely loosen the locking thumb screw, the whole base moves around and out of square. With some patience I was able to get it and lock it down. I start my cut and everything is working nice. About 7 inches into the dado it's getting rough going. I should have stopped but no, I just keep on a pushing and finish the 12 inch dado. The bit slid down the collet and my cutting depth is now at 5/8 inch. My board was a 1/2 inch plywood so now MFT has a terrible looking groove in the top. That will make a nice reminder to TIGHTEN TE BEJESUS OUT OF THE COLLET. I did another cut after tightening and it went fine.

I am happy (for Freud) to report the FT750 will cut a 3/4 inch dado to at least a 3/8 inch depth with no problem.

Next I checked out the angle/tilt base. To remove the standard base it took a T15 torx but this base is a #2 phillips. After getting it installed and tightening everything I notice a lot of flex in this base. I measured a 1/16 inch change in depth by just applying pressure on the FT750. It's a shame because I was beginning to like this base. I didn't bother making any cuts with it.

Then I checked out the offset base. It requires taking the collet off and screwing in a gear to operate a belt drive to a second collet. It takes some work with a flathead screwdriver to get the belt on the gear when installing the base. I tried sticking a bit in the offset collet but found it too hard to tighten the collet. The supplied wrenches barely fit in the space allowed for tightening. I found it better to remove the plastic base. One of the flats on the collet seems to have a burr making it tough to get this thing tight. I gave up and decided I would worry about it at a later date. There is no depth adjustment with this collet, and the belt drive is certainly no going to withstand much torque so this base is only good for very few applications.

Overall, the router is that not bad of a deal for $56. As suggested by Per, stick one bit in it for permanent operation and you can't go wrong. In Freud's defense, they do call it a laminate trimmer and not a router so the issues with the bases are not that bad for a laminate trimmer. I'm sure it is one heck of a laminate trimmer.

The motor is quite powerful and could be useful if you made your own base or found something to fit it. The mounting base is 1 3/4 inch diameter and 3/4 inch deep with a nice rubber grip. It might be worth looking for a new and better collet too.
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Default Re: Freud FT750T Laminate Trimmer / Router


Excellent review! And...


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