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Leakyroof 07-06-2018 02:34 PM

STL 450 Inspection Light
I bought this after owning two 1st gen Syslites and also a Duo light for some time now. You might wonder why yet another light then....:D
Well, this Inspection light is different. Narrow, Focused Beam of light, and it can work with the Duo Light Stand once you've bought the metal adapter that mates the STL 450 to the Duo Stand. The Light comes in a protective bag, much like the HK Saw Rails, no systainer needed.
The Metal Tubing Light Adapter gives you two axis pivots for the Light once it's mounted on it. The Fast Clip mounting of the light to the Adapter is a nice touch. You flip the body of the light into the adapter, think of 4 fingers wrapping around the Light and Pull a Green Level down[Cam Lock] to snug the light into the Adapter. I'm not as sold on the short bars that loosen or tighten the Axis pivots since one of them seems to get in my way with the light at times. I wonder if switching to a more regular Knob would be a nice upgrade.
The Adapter can also fit onto the Duo Stand two different ways, like a T that you change which Leg is mounted to the Stand. Push Buttons, spring loaded, lock the Adapter to the stand, easy to change out as needed.
Unlike the Duo, the STL 450 does have an ON/Off switch. The cord is strangely of heavy gauge for an LED light, I'd swear the Sander Plug-It cords are thinner.
You CAN handhold the light, it's narrow in size and fits in your hand easily, but for painting work or multiple wall sanding checks, it's nice to have it out of your hands and mounted to the stand.
You have to play with the distance from your surface to the light, this really changes how the Rake effect of the light will show off the surface you're working on. Not a Spotlight or Flood like the mighty Duo, but a tight strip of light that doesn't get hot at all even after leaving it on for some time. Festool mentions getting the light focused in their instructions with it, they also show how you can leave the light on the floor, shining up a wall instead of holding it vertically. They mention the 90 degree position of light shining several times in their instructions too as a guide for focus of the Light's Output in checking things.
But there's a catch for leaving it on the floor, you would risk getting paint, dust or other hazard if you're actively working a wall surface and the light is on the floor. So, for me, a Stand keeps it out of harms way.
2 pictures for now, I'll add more this week end. A very pricey kit if you need all 3 items of Light, Stand and Adapter at $510 if I remember right, but it's a unique light that I really like after using for just one Bedroom redo at a relatives's Condo recently. I save a bit of money since I already have the Stand.

Leakyroof 07-06-2018 02:38 PM

Re: STL 450 Inspection Light
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Light, fully Mounted...:cool:

Leakyroof 07-06-2018 02:43 PM

Re: STL 450 Inspection Light
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Light shining on the Ceiling- I tried holding it back from the Ceiling to see how you lose the sharp Focus of the LED lighting, it ends up in this picture more diffused. It's not a regular Work light at all, so it's harder to make it function like one since Distance from Work Surface really affects it.
A Syslite, even the early ones like I have , will background light up in a much broader pattern, but you don't have the STL 450's sharp lines in a long pattern since the body of light on the 450 is much longer than a Syslite.

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