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CraigFeuerzeig 01-15-2012 12:56 PM

Re: I blame you!

Originally Posted by rutager (Post 77731)

Say what you want about the Goverment, but they make a tasty cheese!

Sorry to take away the extra money; I can only imagine how expensive your shirts are with all the extra fabric in the sleeves and tails!


:ditto: Rutager's right... the cheese ain't half bad. ;)

rutager 01-17-2012 09:52 PM

Re: I blame you!
Just a quick update: I called Craig directly instead of going thru Randy; the price was substantially cheaper. I don't doubt that having Randy involved would have brought me a great deal of joy, but a man has only so much cash and I would have felt guilty accepting cheese from my fellow citizens.

In the end, I ordered 4 one footers and 4 two footers, really should have done this sooner if only Craig would have let me!!!


RWeber 01-18-2012 12:58 AM

Re: I blame you!
Well, the kids are inconsolable. The girls are playing some Princess thing on the Wii to try to distract them from the knowledge that it's just this kind of thing that makes organized crime such a hard gig.
But that's ok.
I only ask that when you receive your new Bowclamps you take a black marker and adorn one of them with "Government Cheese" as a reminder of the fate you have bestowed on the young ones.
Actually, the job I'm on this week I might actually make a buck on. We cool ;-)

Okami 01-18-2012 01:04 AM

Re: I blame you!

Originally Posted by RWeber (Post 77898)
Actually, the job I'm on this week I might actually make a buck on. We cool ;-)

Those kind of jobs are getting few and far between in the woodworking game! Good on ya Randy:thumbsup2:
Our Fred is keeping rather quiet...I reckon he's striking a deal for the first 18" bowclamps :cool_shades:

Poto 01-18-2012 01:05 AM

Re: I blame you!
I actually got paid for a job this weekend. I think it worked out to about $5 per hour. But it's money...

Okami 01-18-2012 01:08 AM

Re: I blame you!
I make less per hour than an unskilled McDonalds burger flipper:D

rutager 01-18-2012 01:42 AM

Re: I blame you!

I make less per hour than an unskilled McDonalds burger flipper

To take that analogy another step and to make it worse, you also have to pay the mortgage, buy the griddle, stock the ingredients and pay the other bills!

That's why I like working for people I know; they expect to pay almost nothing and give themselves a lifetime warranty!


Wonderwino 01-18-2012 04:13 AM

Re: I blame you!
:raisedhand: Try working for relatives - I have been a "volunteer" cook at the family restaurant and I get paid with Bud Light, Smoked Pork Ribs & Prime Rib on work nights and a bonus fried chicken buffet on Sunday at noon. :bananarock: I do the pork ribs on my Traeger and they are amaaaazing. Maybe it's not so bad after all.... :Laughing2: :Laughing2: :Laughing2:

CraigFeuerzeig 01-18-2012 03:54 PM

Re: I blame you!
Around here we work for eggs. :Laughing2:

That's 100 super-jumbos. :eek: Most are double yolks. My wood chips go to a local farm co-op for use in lining the cattle stalls. Friends get eggs, neighbors get eggs... This week I made deviled eggs, pickled eggs (Mmm... try 'em with beer ;)) Last week I discovered Shakshuka. :thumbsup2:

That's a store bought egg on the left. :scool:

Poto 01-18-2012 04:04 PM

Re: I blame you!
Wow! Yum!

How's your cholesterol? Poking

Curried eggs on toast is one of my all-time favorite comfort foods. Great for breakfast.

Bob Swenson started a thread here about a million years ago, looking for egg recipes. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find.

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