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Default Re: Model Boat Building

Iíve got all the molds cut out now and beveled, and Iíve set them up on the strong back. I probably could just as well have left them unbeveled, and set them up on the other side of their respective station lines. I usually do this with full size boats, but for some reason I decided to bevel them for better contact with the planking. I also decided to make a plumb cut on the moulds from the sheer clamp notch, to hopefully facilitate lifting the model straight up off the moulds after planking. weíll see how this pans out.

Iím gluing the moulds to the strong back, and installing braces after carefully squaring them up plumb from the base.

Another thing I like to do with full size boats, is to erect a fore and aft stem mould. This puts the stem (and stern post in a double ender) in the correct position, and helps fair the keelson at the very ends of the boat. Itís a little bit in the way for some operations, but I think itís worth holding the stem steady. Weíll see.

I like to trace parts on mylar or vellum from the lofting, and then use a push pin to transfer the lines to the stock. For linear parts, this is simple. Curved parts require more pin pricks. I find this method to be accurate. You can just see some of the pin pricks in this photo of the bow stem.

Iíll probably regret it, but Iím cutting the backbone pieces out of oak. A mix of red and white, whatever I could find in the scrap pile. Weíll see how hard it is to bevel I can lay out some of the bevels and cut them on the bench before installing them on the strong back. The keelson has been sawn out and faired, but I have to cut the ends where it fairs into stem and stern.

I think I will loft the ends a little more carefully in Vectorworks, so I can see better what is going on. Itís a bit of a muddle on the lofting. I can isolate specific views in the computer. Im trying to get bevel info on the stems in particular. Anyway, moving onward. Oh, and I received my first model specific tools today. A pair of machinistís clamps. I call them handscrews. These are 2Ēers. Still to come are tweezers and a set of diamond files.

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