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Default Re: Model Boat Building

I had some bizness to attend to over the last couple of days, so I made only a little progress on the model. One thing I did was join a ship model forum, and through that was contacted by a modeler down in Va. who is quite familiar with Chesapeake working craft. His work is awesome, and he knows some of the same people I do down there. Check out his website.

I got the strongback made, from my lofted dimensions, and set up a thread for a centerline to set up my molds.

I also got the mold patterns glued down to the plywood mold stock.

I made a little auxiliary table for the jig saw, and clamped it upside down in the vise with a metal cutting blade. It's a little bouncy and rough, but works okay. Will have to do for the moment.

At this point, I've started cutting, notching, and beveling the molds. Then I'll set them all up on the strongback.

Stay tuned...
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