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Default Re: Model Boat Building

Itís come to this-
I'm locked out of both shops. But I brought home this little Delta table saw. I actually got it cutting pretty good, with a sharp Freud blade off of the Skil saw. It cuts delicate things nice, if I slide a thin piece of MDF under the stock. Beats having nothing, anyway.

So here is my stack of boat parts, sized and labeled.

Iím working on the lofting now. I have the profile and plan views done. The body plan is next, but Iíll lay draw that in the computer, since this hull is a set of straight lines in section. I drew out my strong back right on the lofting, and its position relative to the lofted baseline will appear in the body plan, too. The baseline, which is also the half breadth centerline is the point from which all dimensions of the boat are measured from. The waterline is parallel to the baseline, as is the plane of the strongback which I drew as well.

One of the 50 or so curves from my Ships Curves set.

Here's the lines as lofted, right side up. The strongback is drawn above, upside down.

And here is the lofting, flipped over, with the strongback under the hull as it will be set up.

A closeup of the bow lines.

And the stern.

All of this might make more sense when I show the body plan next time. This simple hull requires only a few lines to define itís shape, unlike the peapod I built earlier which has a host of waterlines, buttocks, and diagonals to define itís more complex shape.

I hope to be setting up the strongback tomorrow,
Thanks for lookingÖ.
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