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Default Re: Some projects I've been doing.

Hi all, Good news! My tumours are stable ( in remission) at present to the joy of all concerned! While I still get tired easily, I am able to put together enough hours to be able to make things. I'll see if I can post some here (wish me luck).

Just before I do, while I was undergoing Radiotherapy, I recorded my feelings on an almost daily basis. It's not that often that a Scientist does things and actually publishes this data (totally subjective obviously, but still a valid way of viewing the process.) I shall rustle up some of them for you to read in a separate thread).



These are two cabinets I made after falling in love with Krenov's work

The timbers are all Australian. Southern Mahogany, Eastern Mahogany, Silky Oak and another timber whose name eludes me.

This is a table I made for a friend. The top is highly figured QLD Maple. The frame is Jarrah. The finish is burnished oil. As indeed it is on nearly everything I make.;d=1566978470

and finally, a Tassie Blackwood and Wenge Box;d=1537682203;d=1566978470


I don't have as many tools as most people here...but Gee I've got some pretty hardwoods!
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