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Default Re: This looks Interesting- MX 1200 mixer

While I’ve only mixed Paint so far with the MX 1200, here are some thoughts.... Lightweight, easy to control in paint. The mixing blades just clear the opening of a 1 gallon paint can, and are probably meant more for life in a 5 gallon bucket with their heft and size.
The WS blade does a great job of bringing dormant/separated paint back into a smooth fully mixed coating. I mixed both Oil Based and Latex with it and another blade that Festool rated more for non-paint mixing as a quick test.
The WS has a flat bottom to it with round rod welded to the blades, so it does a nice job of stirring up pigment and solids that have settled to the bottom of the can while not cutting into the can material with the protection provided by the round rod.
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