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Default Re: I would like to have your suggestions ...


I knew it would be a tough challenge to come up with an app that would benefit woodworker's in general because, as unique human beings, we all do things differently. That said, I hear each and every comment/suggestion that you gentlemen made.

Speaking only for myself, I spend too much time trying to remember where I "placed" something. Luckily, I only have two spaces that I would have "placed" a tool or whatever. Most of the time I can find what I'm looking for, but other times I just give up.

I have often thought of coding up an app that I could use to keep "track" of certain seldom used tools. While an app for this purpose seems to be the logical solution, in reality, again speaking only for myself, one of the little voices in my head would surely quip, "You don't need to make a note about this because you have an ironclad memory." Right! So I would skip using the app and then later would be scratching my head wondering where I parked that seldom used tool.

Another "old fashioned trick" that humans used before all of this technology came into being, would be to use a plain old piece of paper tacked somewhere on the shop wall. What a concept. Currently I do just that for listing what I need from Home Depot the next time I head to town.

Calculating board-feet for a project might be a good app. I say "might" because I would double-check the app results on paper before being certain of what I needed. That behavior was instilled in me by the best engineering professor I ever had. Dr. Lucky's quip was, "Never trust any equation in a book until you've proved it for yourself." Those words are now burned into my DNA, so I double-check every thing.

Hopefully, we can pool our thoughts and come up with a useful app that would benefit us.

Thanks for the feedback.
Phillip Anthony
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