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Default Re: I would like to have your suggestions ...

A Database of info maybe. Finishes Alone could be an App to themselves since there is SO MUCH BS out there on what a particular Chemical can actually for wood or a wood surface in either an Interior or Exterior Finish.
You could keep it brief and easy to use like a wheel of info or Advent Calender style where someone inputs the Finish, and the proven pros and cons come up, dos and don'ts reminders, in a matching table.
Wood ID - I have a great, small book, I believe the Title is Real Wood, that gives a brief amount of info on a great many species, some that are domestic and many that are imported, or even not available here in the US. Easy to read and understand, contains just enough info on tips with each wood species like the basics of Cutting, Storing, Hazards related to working with it, Durability or lack thereof for a given usage[ Like Don't use Poplar outside or in an Exterior Application unless you want to be sorry....
Anyway, it's a good starting point
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