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Default Re: I would like to have your suggestions ...

Your question made me first think of what I use apps for in general. As much as I hear of apps I rarely download them, and of those I do I regularly use but a handful. Calendar, clocks, notes, maps, camera and photos, weather, calculator, are common for me, less so are things like rewards programs like Starbucks and other restaurants offer. Also devices that require an app like Joule or Rachio. But my most used app other than phone is safari, I tend to seek out my info online vs in apps. I get frustrated when forced into an app the way Yelp does when it would work just fine on a website. Same goes for news, hate using apps for that.

Then my thoughts went to how I typically do projects. Pen and paper to start and will use a drawing program on the laptop if my scribbles and sketches need refining. There's times it might be helpful for a bit of material layout voodoo to maximize the material use but not very often for me and might not be worth the hassle of entering in all the pieces in the first place. Such features may better live in an integrated project design and production tool that takes a design to the cut list. There's probably a dozen things like that already. That reminds me I do have some span calculator apps but they're limited to 2x lumber material or the product a vendor is selling so I rarely use those either.

Common challenges I'll face with projects is adjusting designs around what materials I can find or their costs locally. I'm not seeing how an app helps that though. Back to the span calculators, I'm currently planning a patio cover and I'd like to know about using wider rafters like 4x or sistered 2x materials vs standard 2x materials, also 6x beams. An app could do that with more data options in it and I'm sure the data is out there already just not in my current apps so they are useless to me. Could also include other things like steel or engineered lumber but that will involve data from individual manufacturers. May still need an engineers stamp of approval on a plan but at least the tool helps give more design options. That may not be the kind of woodworking you're thinking of though, a span calculator doesn't help much with making a dresser.
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