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The saw will take a 350mm blade, which it is not certified for because it will not retract below the table surface. With that blade it will cut about 4 7/8".

Normally I have a 300 mm blade installed and it will cut 3 3/4". It is certified for a 315mm blade but you must remove the scoring blade to use it so I have not bought one of those. I bought a Tenru 300ATB blade for everyday service and a Leitz that was custom ground to make a true flat bottom cut for cutting joinery. The 350 is a Tenru 32 tooth that I bought for big cutting. A 100mm scoring blade from Popular tools is adjusted with shims. A little more than 5 bills to get cutting.

I am really surprised how quiet the thing is, that being said I have not run the 350mm blade yet it may be loud due to tip speed.

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