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Felder final report:

I have been remiss about posting lately, so now that I have the Felder up and running here goes.

A buddy of mine who is good at electrical work helped me get my American Rotary 3 Phase converter installed. I think I have about 300.00 in parts and gas/lunch money in the install including the 116.00 permit.

To place the phase converter in service we had to install a 50 amp 240 single phase circuit to supply the converter. This circuit just came out of the bottom of the service panel and ended in a welder plug. The Phase converter is then an appliance and does not need a permit or inspection. While the #6 wire is a pain to work with things were pretty straight forward. The big snag came when I first pluged the phase converter into the welding outlet. My good buddy who installed the plug on the phase converter managed to cut the insulation on the ground wire on one leg of the hot service. When the hot leg came into contact with the outlet it sent quiet a big flash and bang. After regaining my composure, I took the plug apart and discovered the problem. I can tell you 50 amps of 120 direct to ground makes a big flash. Ruined the plug, outlet and wire. another 54 bucks to replace the parts.

The phase converter required a 3 phase 20 amp breaker and outlet for the KF700. and a plug for the saw.

With all the electrical work done, the saw ran fine and I even got the legs correct the first time and it ran the correct direction! I am really surprised how quiet the phase converter and saw are, both together are much quieter than the old Bosch Table Saw.

The set up on the saw was nearly perfect out of the box and required very little adjustment on my part. This maybe because it was on the showroom floor,I do not know.

I have built a couple small shop projects to learn about use of the saw and checking square ect, I am very happy with it to this point. It is amazing to clamp an full sheet of 3/4 tot he table stand at the end of the slider and push it through the saw as fast as one dares.

One project I have done required cutting 2 pieces of 18mm Baltic Birch at the same odd angle. After pondering how best to do this I clamped both pieces to the slider and cut them at the same time. 36 mm of Baltic Birch cuts like shearing paper. It really should but still surprised me.

Tomorrow I am going to process some 10/4 Madrone. This evening I put the slab on the outrigger getting it set up for tomorrow and it is amazing how you can just lay a slab 7 1/2 feet long 8-10" wide and 2 1/2" thick on the slider and crosscut.


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