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Default Re: Yet Another Bench Thread

To continue- The legs and rails were glued up similarly from 2 8/4 thicknesses. I need to be able to knock this bench down into movable (barely) components, so I glued up permanently only the leg end assemblies, and used those bench bolts to connect the front and back rails to the leg ends. The legs and end rails were glued up with floating tenons, and mortises in each component.

This is not me, but this is the Felder mortiser I used for the floating tenon mortises.

That's the tenon stock which gets cut to length. Kind of like a big Domino.

For some reason, the Benchcrafted bolts weren't long enough to join my rail to leg assemblies, and I don't remember why now. But I bought these hex keyed bolts from McMaster.

I do have to tighten these up from time to time.

Anyway, I glued up the two leg assemblies, and worked a similar tenon into the front and rear rails. I bored the legs for the bench bolts on the mortiser, then clamped up the rails, and took a 10" long, 9/16" brad point bit to bore into the rail. The bench bolt nut goes into a 1" diameter hole bored ino the back of each leg. It was pretty tricky getting both holes lined up so that the bolt threads smoothly into the nut.

Murky pic, but this shows the nut in the back of the leg.

I had already glued up the final top assembly, ripped it to width, and cut it to length on the Martin. My new little personal workshop is upstairs in my Brooklyn house, in a spare bedroom. The top alone is 160 lbs. I got a friend to help me and my wife hump this, plus the legs and rails upstairs.

And here's the top.

I'll show the how the top goes onto the legs in the next post.
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