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Default Re: EC 150 and CT 26 problem

Originally Posted by Sta2lt View Post

Tonight I ran into a problem or 2 that I have not seen before and wonder if anyone else has any ideas being it is a holiday weekend.

My CT26 started to surge power and suction when being used with my EC150/3. Suction and speed surge in unison, nearly stopping the suction completely. I wondered if it had to do with dust on the sensor that controls the hose off feature and blew it out with the air hose and not change. Wondering if it was a CT issue I hooked up my RO90 and everything worked normally.

Also my EC150 seems like it has started working in a rotary mode only, it behaves like my RO90 when I have it in rotax mode. When I turn off the EC 150 it seems to freewheel for ever which I do not remember it doing before.


. How is the sander working if you have it plugged into an outlet and not your vac?
Really sounds like a dying sander due to electronic control issue
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