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Default Yet Another Bench Thread

Hi folks,
Been a while, but I thought I would post progress on this bench that I started several years ago. I got sidetracked building the boat shop bench, and the Point Comfort 23 too, but I'm working on it again. It's a Roubo-ish thing. Pretty hefty, from solid ash. I'm working on the vises now, but I'll post some pics from the beginning. I did not document this project very well, so all the nitty gritty details are scant.

I bought this when ash was cheaper, after the market flooded with ash beetle trees that were cut all of a sudden. I dithered a little, and the price went from $2.75 to $4.00 in a week. Spent about $400.

I hear the supper bell ringing. Will pick this up later!
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