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Default Re: Mini Tool Reviews- no pictures yet

Originally Posted by Poto View Post
Thanks for the review(s) Callan! I only have the 125 mm sanders, and have found they work well for what I do. I particularly like the ETS125 with its small orbit - it's surprisingly useful for a wide range of tasks.

I also have the RO125. I use it a great deal, but it can be seriously squirrely on wood that's not perfectly flat. It takes some muscle to hold steady sometimes. But it's definitely an all-round sander.

You must have quite a shop full of Festools by now! Excellent that you actually use them!
I'm getting ever closer to having 70 systainers....
BUT, Some actually ARE storing non-Festool Tools...
I have fallen in love with the Sys 2 and Sys 3 COMBI SYStainers. You get that nice little drawer under your tool storage section for housing grinding wheels, discs, abrasives, service tools for a particular tool...etc.....
I'll take pictures of 3 different TOOL Makes that I've stored now with them.
In one of them, I can sneak both a small Milwaukee Angle Grinder and a Metabo Random Orbit sander side by side. The Metabo is about the size of a DX93 sander, so it's narrow too.
My 8" Fein Random Orbit takes up a whole systainer due to that massive pad size of the sander, but the 8" discs still fit in the drawer unit underneath instead of requiring a sep. Abrasive systainer like on other tools. Should have looked at these COMBI units sooner when they came out...
Some t-shirts, a hat, some free pencils,....... way, way, too many tools,...... 1 TOOLIE, (thanks RWeber!)but mostly, a satisfied customer

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