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Default Re: Anyone buying something in November?

I just ordered a Centrotec Quick Release Bit Holder.

The Festool Road Show pulled into town at Coastal Tool a week and a half ago, and renewed my tool lust. I was much too late for that finish sander deal (for my son; I have an ES and an ETS). The vacuum clamping stuff and the cloth sheathed hose caught my eye, but didn't catch my wallet.

I have been using velcro cable ties for years to marry the plugit cord to the hose, which works great. I thought that fixing something that wasn't broken for $250 was not prudent.

Tools I Have Made: 3 Mallets, Layout Knife, a 1/8 inch Skew Chisel, a 1/4 inch Skew Chisel, Miter Box, 1/8 inch chisel, 3/32 inch chisel (from 3/32 Champion punch), Tool Cabinet

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