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Default HK 55 Saw looks impressive

I finally watched Peter Parfitts video on the HK and HKC ( cordless version) saws after scratching my head about the 'retracting' rail system that these saws use. Festool feels the 420mm rail will be its most sold version from the choice of the 3 that are offered in various lengths, so that's the only one being paired with the saw as a package deal.
I believe there is some disappointment on the pricing and rail offering for the cordless model( HKC) as compared to the 'corded' HK package, so what is offered here in the US for the September 12 preorders is what we get for now , but might be tweaked for the US market if enough requests/complaints get heard... Well maybe....
At any rate , the real downside is different blades than what the TS series saws take . Different part numbers due to the narrower kerk of the HK only blades( 1.8mm) as opposed to the 2.0mm TS blades....
So , more blades to buy that you probably can not swap between saws if you own both.....
Dust collection, speed control , rails with adjustable angle locks to allow a guided cut that is quickly repeatable .....:eek
Seems almost unreal compared to something from years back . But, on a job site, will a HK really push a Miter Saw out of the picture?
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