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Default Re: Boat Shop Bench- New Boat Project

So, on to the boat construction. To build a boat, you have to have a perfectly level surface on which to set up your station molds. Has to be strong too. We built our strongback on three trestles, set into clips on concrete footings.

Laying out the footings.

At this point we didn't care how level the locations were, only that the grid was reasonably square and spaced out properly.

I did not want to have to line up 6 individual clips set into the concrete, so I decided to do the layout after the concrete cured, setting up with a laser, and drilling out for threaded inserts.

When I bolted the clips down, I lined them up again with the laser.

We then measured the relative heights of the pads, and custom cut each leg so that the tops of the trestles would be at the same height. These can be unbolted and removed, then reinstalled in the same location for the next boat.

That's the trestles. We'll set up the strongback frame next time. I'll put the coffee pot on....

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