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Default Re: DIY router table

I have a couple that are both partly home built. One is a cabinet with a Sommerfeld top (which really doesn't count).

The other in my tablesaw extension and is based on a Rockler aluminum router plate which they unfortunately don't sell any longer. What's nice about this is I have a pair of Hitach TR-12's that I can set up one with a rail bit, and the other with the stile bit, and I'm good to go for the entire project.

The extension table for my tablesaw is 1.5" thick baltic birch with home center grade laminate on top. I cut a hole in the extension table with a Jigsaw about an inch smaller than the size of the plate, and used a pattern bit to cut the recess for the plate itself to sit on. The fence is MDF with a melamine face on it.

Any table that is solid, stable, and flat will do.

Tablesaw mounted router with a Triton router in it at the moment.

Standalone Router Table
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