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Default Re: Dumb, dumb, dumb, ...


Thanks for info.

My spray gun was purchased solely for spraying shellac. At the time of purchase I was trying to fill walnut grain to speed up a french polishing project I was working on at the time. The gun was not very expensive as I recall, but it worked exceedingly well for my purpose or so I thought. (I am going to go into french polishing in this tread.)

At any rate, it is always my habit to clean the gun after use by running alcohol (in this case) to clean the gun. As noted above ( I think!) I also used it to spray a water-based stain/dye and the residue from this is soluable with acetone.

Because of this I would have thought that this would be sufficient to clean the filter. I also disassemble the gun and clean it piece by piece. The fact of the matter is that probably over time the filter was bound to clog no matter how well I cleaned it.

I have learned my spray gun lesson and now am good to go.

Thanks again for your comments.
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