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Default Re: Dumb, dumb, dumb, ...

That is a tiny filter. It would not take much at all to stop it up.
Shellac, especially, as sticky as it is, you would not necessarily be able to see.
At any rate, the role of the filter really is just to keep out chunks. There are a lot of spraying applications where filters are routinely removed, though clear topcoats probably is low on that list.
Examples - Think of a really big airless used to spray texture (drywall). Those pumps come with a rockbreaker on the end and an inline filter the size of a pop can. With mud, you leave the rockbreaker on and take the filters out.
If your gun (whatever gun that may be) has a filter as a part of the gun, and that filter is too fine for the material you are spraying, you can remove it, and simply filter all of the material through a fine mesh cone before it enters the spray setup. I rather prefer this. Periodically I spray this exotic post cat, expensive, fickle, urethane, and I have a pot dedicated for just that. New mix tub, new pot liner, every time. No filters in the lines.
For regular precat (gasp) I don't filter it at all. From the bucket into the pot. I've never had chunks in it.
For a paint, I'd think that a little foolish tho. Those just naturally have little bits of unground material in them. They'll jam a tip up readily.
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