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Default Re: Miss Kate's Planter

Thanks for your kind words.

Originally Posted by Okami View Post
What glue did you use to join the boards and joinery together?
I used Gorilla glue because of all the rain and snow that Chicago gets.

Originally Posted by Okami View Post
How did you attach it to the wall?
I used aluminum angle stock 1-1/2 inch or so per side. I bored holes on the vertical side and probably used 1/4-20 lag bolts/nuts with large washers on the interior so as not to crush the cedar too much. See photo below.

When the potting soil is wet the planter weighs quite a bit, so the angle stock and hardware had to be stout to keep it in place.

Originally Posted by Okami View Post
Is there any provision for water drainage?
Yes, I installed two plastic rectangular pans to hold the potting soil. I drilled several holes through the plastic and the cedar bottom to drain off the excess water. The bottom is actually slanted towards the back of the planter to better direct the water flow.
Originally Posted by Okami View Post
What finish did you decide on?
I think I used Cabot's Australian oil for decking. I covered it with several coats and hope that Miss Kate used the rest of the can that I left with her. The wood was rather thirsty so it should be able to withstand a few rain/snow storms. I hope, anyway.

If you have any more questions or I did not explain things clear enough just let me know.

Thanks again!

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