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Default Re: GRK Fasteners - R4, RSS, Caliburn Now In Stock

Originally Posted by Leakyroof View Post
As someone who's used them, do you have a personal preference for certain applications/ fasteners among what GRK offers?
I haven't taken the plunge on moving from all my square drive screws to ones from GRK, so I was wondering.....
well I use fin trims for face frame joining, cabinet screws for hanging, R4s for lots of other stuff where I might have used nails or gold screws previously and some RSS structural instead of lags. Sizes range from 1.25" - 6". Here's my current assortment, no doubt I'll add more sizes in the future. I keep telling myself to use up my gold screw supply, but I dread using them now so I may just give them away to make more room in my screw carriers.
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