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Default Re: Pair of night stands

Thanks for the comments, guys.

Jim - attached is a step by step Sketchup drawing showing how I did the legs.

You might need to download the image and open it separately to read the text more clearly.

I did not show the Domino mortises in the legs, but you have to do those BEFORE you do any of the face tapers or cuts for proper registration.

The legs do require what is a bearing guided hinge bit to cut the face flush and clean up the bandsaw marks in step 4 of the drawing.

The bit I used is herehere on Amazon.

Peter - the chamfers on the legs were done with a BCTW HP-6 plane with the angle skids. The profile on the edges of the top and drawer front were done with two different router bits.
- A bearing guided round over router bit
- a cove bit that was guided with a fence at the top of the round over
- adhesive sandpaper on a dowel to smooth out the cove by hand

Phillip - I have an HVLP sprayer which does a great job of spraying lacquer, but it's a big commitment to lay out the drop cloths, assemble the plastic sheeting for a spray booth, deal with the fume evacuation, etc. And when i have a friend that does it all day long, I decided not to hassle with it. The shop is kept clean with both a central Oneida dust collector and a Festool CT26 with boom arm.

Thanks for the comments. Let me know if the steps don't quite make sense!

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