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Default Re: Salt Cedar Sliding Doors

Continuing ...

Here is a shot of the second door after receiving the blotch control prepping solution I use. What I have done is sand it down lightly (120x Abranet) to remove all of my chicken scratch (scribe marks). I then use my air compressor to blow out all of the fine particles embedded in the grain.

My next step is to tape all of my rabbet's - where the salt cedar will rest. The stain makes the wood not accept the hot glue as well as the bare wood does. Hear ye!! This is the voice of experience speaking to you.

Next up is to apply the blotch control solution. Long story short: You must use some undercoat on wood before you apply the stain if you want the stain to go on evenly. IOW's, without the blotch control, the softwood will absorb more stain than the hardwood and the result is a blotchy mess. Use of a good blotch control solution results in the stain going on very evenly.

I was introduced to the blotch control seen in the second photo by the gentleman who developed it. Bottom line: It is water-based, has no ordor and it just plain works!

After the door is allowed to dry, it is feather sanded to remove the burr raised by the solution. I use 600x and this takes about five minutes to do. The door is flipped and the process is repeated. I apply three coats on each side. Tomorrow I will spray on the water-based stain. I use General Finishes stain.

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