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Default Re: Salt Cedar Sliding Doors

Originally Posted by jessecloud View Post
Very nice. I have tried this and found it very tedious, in large part from trying to find salt cedar twigs of similar width.

Do you glue your salt cedar into the grooves or leave them loose?

These are hanging doors and cannot be thicker than 1-3/8 inches. That said, there cannot be any grooves to support the salt cedar sticks, so they are bonded to rabbets that surrounds each panel with hot glue.

Tedious does not really begin to describe this door style. Collecting the salt cedar in the correct lengths and thicknesses is a momumental pain in the glut. Then trimming and fitting them in each panel just doubles the pain. And because I am installing the sticks from the back side, I can never be certain of how they actually look on the business side. If these were not for my wife, I am not sure if I would be making them.

A visitor to my shop recently asked what those sticks were in that trash can? (He was referring to a tall slim cylindrical trash can of about 12-inch diameter.) I remarked that the contents were about a mile and a half of salt cedar.

Take care.
Phillip Anthony
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