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Default Salt Cedar Sliding Doors

I am working on the mate to the door shown below. These are hanging doors for our pantry.

The first door is the bare poplar shell and the second is the finished door. The door is stained in cherry to match our kitchen cabinets.

I have to add that I have always favored floating tenons. I made a mortise rig many years back that does and excellent job of making mortises. However, it is slow to set up - each mortise has to be aligned perfectly and secondly my router makes a mess of my shop because I have to remove the vac shroud otherwise I would not be able to see my scribe marks during set up. That said, the Domino has absolutely changed all of that. I still insist on 3-inch wide tenon - also done with the Domino, but the first door probably took two days to mortise - there are 28 mortises altogether. The Domino did this job in less than two hours!!!

And as you may already have guessed, the lack of the vac shroud meant I made a HUGE mess in my shop. The Domino eliminated that chore as well. Festool's rock!!

This is not a fun project, but its either do it or eat with the dog. While Bella will not bite me I just cannot get the hang of eating out of her bowl while she stares at me. Follow what I mean?

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