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Default Don't polish that cast iron top!

My advice: whatever you do don't start polishing your cast iron machine tables. I finally pulled the plug on a decent table saw, and now am compulsive about shining up the beautiful expanse of cast iron top. The other machines in my shop and I were getting along just fine, now none of them are safe. I spent all my free time over the weekend trying different remedies found on the internet, for shining and restoring cast iron machine tables.

For me, WD40 with an abrasive pad under the DTS400 finish sander seems to work great, the trick is to de-grease with first mineral spirits then denatured alcohol, then add a couple coats of TopCote, nice clean slick finish.

Could be a bit shinier, though. I never cared if my machine tables were pretty, somebody help me!

What is your favorite remedy for wax or similar applications for cast iron? Better ways to restore?
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