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Default Re: Design Ideas to prevent TalkFestool Shutdown

Originally Posted by Paul View Post
For my project idea, I had in mind the Maloof-style rocker methods from Charles Brock, and thought to maybe simplify that into some dining chairs, with some design continuity over to the table itself. That is as far as I got, no drawings or examples yet, just looking for more general ideas. I have Charles Brock's DVD and have seen his website's pictures of a highback dining chair, that looks great, but I think I am going for a simpler design, that would look good in a small space. I only have limited experience carving chair seats but it was fun, less work and lower level of complication than I anticipated. However, that only involved simple domino joinery for children's chairs, nothing like what Charles Brock does. His work is beautiful.
Yea, his work is amazing Charles Brock Chairmaker

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