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Default Re: Design Ideas to prevent TalkFestool Shutdown

I appreciate that the forum has been saved from the axe, PaulG, I just wanted to help the energy level along a bit by starting a conversation.

Rob - always great to hear from you down under, your insights and projects are always interesting. Those of us with no talent appreciate the willingness of you experts to provide useful suggestions for our projects. A good finishing method tip from someone with a wealth of experience is a valuable thing.

I agree with the rants on people not contributing enough to the forum, so in that vein, this was my attempt to generate some project discussion.

For my project idea, I had in mind the Maloof-style rocker methods from Charles Brock, and thought to maybe simplify that into some dining chairs, with some design continuity over to the table itself. That is as far as I got, no drawings or examples yet, just looking for more general ideas. I have Charles Brock's DVD and have seen his website's pictures of a highback dining chair, that looks great, but I think I am going for a simpler design, that would look good in a small space. I only have limited experience carving chair seats but it was fun, less work and lower level of complication than I anticipated. However, that only involved simple domino joinery for children's chairs, nothing like what Charles Brock does. His work is beautiful.
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