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Default Re: Design Ideas to prevent TalkFestool Shutdown

Rant? Sure I don’t even need a parrot.
The contributions on here suck.
Or should I clarify those who don’t contribute.
I ranted last year. No parrot then either. (humor)
Gotta say the other Festool forum suffers too.
It’s a said fact that the only time some festoolers “take time” to hop on the forum is to whine and cry about a missing 5mm nut or washer from their new $800 tool.
They need to man-up develop a pair and riverdance their retired asses down to the local Ace Hardwae and buy one. Or the Hillman bins at Lowes.
Seriously, why annoy people on a forum, go back to your Festool Dealer and cry there. See the look on their face when you bitch about a loose nut.
Most of us has had a shop for 30 years ; therefore s/h 5mm nuts on hand?
For the record river dancing and Ace Hardware and Hillman bins is an American thing. Google it.
Back to not contributing…
You know what else chaps my ass?
There is a For Sale ad in the classifieds.
The guy has 2 posts. Just 2. Two. 6 years 2 posts. 2 includes trying to sell his shit.
How in the sam hell, google that, can you be a member for 6 years and never “take time” to contribute?
You benefit from the hard work of a handful but wont “take time” yourself and reciprocate.
But all of a sudden you need to sell your shit (which you never “took time” to share or contribute) and want to use this forum?
It does prove one thing. That they can actually post.
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