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Default Re: Design Ideas to prevent TalkFestool Shutdown

Hi all,

There are two things I want to say. First is that as it stands we have a large membership (according to the list) but virtually no regular communication on the forums. People need to realise that anything yu want to say, anything you encounter during your day to day wanderings, all this is grist for the mill. take the time to post this stuff and we'll start to see some traffic.

The other thing I wanted to say is that, when I said we should change the headings of the sub forums, i was suggesting that by talking about the way we would put a given project together. This is of interest to people both from a pure learning experience and from a theoretical perspective. So calling a forum "Making a kids bed from scrap maple and redwood" is open to questions, suggestions and feedback.

If people don't start raising the energy level her, we can say goodnight to the whole shootin' match. For me, I'm in another Universe and happy to submit warts and all builds for people to see.

Derek is doing his best to show how he reasons and uses his tools to achieve a result.
My methods and reasoning are strictly New World, but re no less valid than Derek's. Please people stop being concerned about your level of ability and post something. This isn't (Thank god) Sawmill Creek nor even FOG where clowns like CC lurk. Please use this forum for what it was designed for. Informal chatter about nothing in particular and occasionally related to woodwork.


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