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Default Re: Face frame cabinet construction question.

Originally Posted by rutager View Post

I bought a pretty good book which I looked through fairly throughly and can't seem to find anything in there. One picture shows an inside overhang and shows a filler strip used to bring the drawer glides flush, appears about half an inch.
That will work. Keep in mind that any cabinet that ends into a wall may need scribing and you want enough material there on the face frame to do it. Also I've had the problem of drywall inside corners being excessively built up with tape and mud and the face frame wouldn't reach the wall without my either sanding away some mud in the corner or shaving the cabinet ply from the side hitting the wall. It was some store bought cabinets that had about a 1/4" face frame overhang on the outer edge. So as a general rule when building them make the face frame hitting a wall a bit wider so you have some room to work with. Also it's a personal preference but if you scribe it well to the wall you won't need a molding to cover the gap.
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