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Default Re: Blackwood and Huon Pine Storage Box

Hi Okami,

That kind of timber is difficult to find and in the wrong hands becomes very expensive. Those particular Blackwood boards came in a normal pack received by the timber yard I deal with. I get on very well with the Yardman and his deputy and they very kindly put it aside for me. It pays to establish relationships. The Blackwood in 25mm x 150mm (or 4/4 x 6" in the US) sells for about $17.00 a lineal metre. If you get in early and take the time to look, you can get some great timber for a good price.

The Huon is a different story. It is difficult to get at the best of times. There are some mills in Tasmania that sell direct and some of the timber is beautiful. But you pay for it. Somewhere around $50.00/lineal metre and up.


I don't have as many tools as most people here...but Gee I've got some pretty hardwoods!

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