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Default Blackwood and Huon Pine Storage Box

This box is 600mm long x 300mm wide and 200mm high. There are two removable trays made from some old Blackwood showing beautiful fiddle back feature. The box itself is made from some of the nicest figured Blackwood I've seen for a while. The lid is my last piece of some Birdseye Huon Pine, bookmatched and finished with oil. As is the rest of the box. It is a gift for my wife, just to show I care.

It's worth knowing that you cannot fell Huon Pine trees now. About 1900 the timber was used extensively for boat building as well as other work. Thing about Huon Pine is that it grows very slowly. The trees they were felling in 1900 were a minimum of 500 years old with some over 1000 years of age. Huon now is collected under licence from log jams in the rivers which were used to float the timber down to the bays where the building was done. So the lid on this box is somewhere around 500+ years old. I only use Huon in very special projects, which, obviously this was.


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I don't have as many tools as most people here...but Gee I've got some pretty hardwoods!
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