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Default New Lie-Nielsen honing guide

I was fortunate to attend the L-N hand tool event at Palomar College this weekend (sorry to have missed Mike and John!). One of the things that caught my eye was a new L-N honing guide. It's not for sale yet, but if you contact them, they'll put your name on a special email/phone list.

It's a bit like a super-duper Eclipse guide. Made of stainless steel, and with several sets of removable jaws for chisels, spokeshave blades (and other short blades), and skew blades. The jaws are held in place with two screws, which align them perfectly every time. It has a single short wheel below, like the Eclipse. It'll hold everything up to a scraper plane blade (though you might have to take the knurled knob off to get it to fit). Looks beautifully made. Wish I'd taken some pictures.

Did anyone else see that?
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