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Default Re: My first 2015 project

The bowl gouge is a P&N (Patience & Nicholson, Australian). It was less than $40 from Lee Valley. (I just realized it is 12mm, which they also call 1/2", but the hole I bored is 15/32", since the diameter was measured at .484" -- a bit over 12mm.) The catalog says "hard wearing, M2 high speed steel", and that they are "renowned for their robust construction and edge holding ability".

I am a sucker for a good marketing story. Plus it would be nice to have a tool made somewhere other than China. And extra points because I bought it from a Canadian company ... And finally, I was kinda taken with the matte black finish.

Come to think of it, though, my carbide tool is made in the USA - a Woodchuck PenPro. And I do believe the carbide inserts are German.

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