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Default Re: My first 2015 project

The walnut was just glued on, but I did glue side grain to end grain, just figuring that might help a bit. I am not really concerned about strength since the round gouge fit snugly into the bored hole, which goes well into the maple, and it was epoxied in.

Non-ferrous metals are pretty easy to turn on a wood lathe. I've turned brass compression fittings, and heavy copper couplers, using standard HSS tools. I've used a scraper in the past, but used my carbide tool on this one. My carbide tool is a short handled tool that I bought for pens, although it does have a 1/2" square bar, like bigger tools. It was fine for this. Just take it slow until you get a feeling for how it turns.

Here are a couple screwdrivers I made a couple years ago, as Christmas presents. (I told the recipients they better not drop them or otherwise abuse them!) The bottom one uses a copper cap, and I just bored the end out as I bored the hole for the socket for the screwdriver bit. These use cheap reversible screwdrivers (Buck Bros. ?) I bought for a few dollars each at Home Depot. I just "Dremel" off the old handle, cutting almost all the way thru, and then prying the plastic until it splits. HArbor Freight also sells them, but they upgraded the handle and raised the price, so I prefer the Home Depot version since it is easier to break open.
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