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Default Re: child safe finishes?

Here's a few thoughts on that question:

Unfinished is probably best safety wise.

When I make a cutting board for a gift and the wife insists it should be shiny, I apply a food-based oil, whatever is around, usually canola, and buff like any other oil.

Wax will make it soft to the touch, and help a little to keep it from drying out, if that is desireable. There is "Food Grade Wax" regulated by the FDA. It is applied to a great number of fruits and veg sold commercially. Many food grade waxes are made from petroleum products, but the theory is that in wax format they are indigestible. Personally, I wouldn't wax something a kid was likely to put in his mouth.

Odie's has food grade finish with no solvents. I haven't used it, but I like other products in that line. Available on line, maybe at Woodcraft.

Final thought, when I was a curious but dumb kid, I put a lot of nasty stuff in my mouth. Can't remember any problems other than an awful taste from time to time.
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